Last but not least, for now, is another OC MAP featuring tamakissu. (haven’t done one in a while)

Woo okay so the Janto MAP i actually like. (This’ll be the last one, i promise.)

(okay lets try this one more time) Another nekotalia shipping MAP.

Posted 4 days ago

More Warriors shipping MAPs, this time BrambleSquirrel.

Woo okay, so this was the Janto video that took like ages for me to finish. Yes Cat AUs because laziness.

Posted 4 days ago

I did a cat AU for a Doctor Who MAP. (Its called a Doctor Mew map ahem)

Posted 4 days ago

Did a cat AU thing for CoE. Another MAP.

Did Egotron for a shipping MAP. (veryashamedtbh)

A warrior spoof I did a while back.

Extremely sorry for spamming certain tags. I’m just kinda trying to get these all up and stuff.